Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome to The World Between

We live in a world full of holes; places where the shadows grow thick, and its so very easy to lose yourself. Buried cities long forgotten might be found behind cracked and peeling doors on no-name streets, and glorious, Gothic subway stations might be waiting beneath your feet and a thousand layers of dust for trains that are little more than echoes in the darkness. Crumbling brick back-ways buried behind coats of gangland graffiti might lead to urban courtyards filled with flowers, and tile mosaics laid down generations past and forgotten by all but a few old timers who still make pilgrimages to feel the sun on their faces. Bloodstains sit mute in the basements of crumbling churches, and abandoned dolls sit and stare from beneath iron bed frames in condemned homes that were once the only things that stood between orphans and the gutters.

My name is Adrian King, and I'll be your guide to the secret spots of the Windy City.

If I told you where this Rabbit Hole went, you'd never believe me.
For those of you wondering about my name, yes I am that Adrian King as well. The one who wrote the breakout book The Backdoor to Midnight, and which at least some of you really wish would shut up and get back to work on book two. In case you're wondering what the hell a guy who writes novels for a living knows about the behind-the-scenes sprawl of your city, all I can say is that you might be surprised. A survivor of the streets, both the mean and the clean, I've seen my share of Chicago's underside. Have you ever heard of Slasher's Cineplex? The Butcher's Sky Rise? What about the rectory at Our Lady of Sorrows that supposedly whispers a century's worth of confessions every night, and which has driven every priest who's stayed there totally mad sooner or later?

No? I thought not.

There are some stories that charge a heavy fee to hear. Stories only told around burning trash can fires in the dead of winter on lonely piers, or sleeping in doorways near an old wino who whispers in his sleep. Some tales dance over that fine line between guttersnipe myth and truth-that's-stranger-than-fiction. I've heard stories that would melt the coldest heart, and which would make curly hair go straight if I told them to you on a dark and stormy night. If you want to know more, then stay tuned; I'll be pounding the pavement and taking everyone on adventures they didn't even know were just around the corner.

Oh, I'll also be giving you updates on my books, appearances, and all of that other stuff too. Just in case you were curious.

Until next week everyone! Remember to stay on the right side of Midnight.