Friday, October 3, 2014

Ever Seen A Gorilla Tango?

I promised to bring you some of the Windy City's finest hidden treasures and secret corners, and this week I like to think I've upheld my end of the bargain. If you've heard of the Gorilla Tango then you're well aware of the sparkle this crew has put in the lower crown of Bucktown. If you haven't heard of them well it's fortunate for you that you know me now, isn't it?

So What Is Gorilla Tango?

Well, contrary to the no doubt amusing image parading about in your head, it's actually one of Chicago's greatest burlesque shows. And not just any burlesque either; geek burlesque.

Seriously, the show's geek cred is unimpeachable.
For those who want to stop on in and see this show for themselves the theater is located at 1919 North Milwaukee Avenue, and there are always shows on Fridays at 9:00 and 10:30, and Saturdays at 9:00, 10:30, and 11:59.

Seriously though, if you're going to go you might as well go to the midnight showing. Don't ask questions, just trust me all right?

So What Am I Going to See?

You're going to see talented performers go through routines that will leave you unsure whether to laugh or squirm in your seat (I recommend both). Beyond that, it really depends on which show you come to. I personally found Batboobs to be great fun, but for my money Indiana Jones and The Temple of Boobs was a stand out. In more ways than one.

I see what you did there.
If you're looking for their information you can find it at their homepage. Just remember to check back often because it's something a "here today, gone tomorrow" sort of deal for some of the shows, and once it's gone baby it's really gone. No photography, no video, just memories of the laughs, the gasps, the sights, and the sounds.

Everyone stay tuned for what I share next time we come back to the Windy City's rear doors. I've got a real underground scene that some of you are going to be dying to get into.

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